About Us

We are Al-Ghaidaa Fashion, a Jordan based women’s clothing company specializing in lingerie, pajamas, and other types of undergarments. Established in 1996, the company has carved a niche for itself in the field of ladies' undergarments, loved by our customers for the high quality of our products. We manufacture and sell all our products under the brand name Zorita lingerie.

Right from the start, Al-Ghaidaa Fashion has focused upon a select few styles, always maintaining high quality through the use of best quality fabrics and accessories. This policy has helped the company a lot as consistent quality has allowed us to generate trust and confidence in the minds of our valued customers. Today, the company enjoys a very good reputation in the market for its high-quality products.

After catering to the demands of the local market, Al-Ghaidaa Fashion started to export its products to a few neighboring countries that include Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the West Bank. Our products enjoy the same level of popularity and demand in these markets also. And now we are planning to expand and register our presence in other markets such as Europe and the USA. 

Al-Ghaidaa continues to invest in research and development and it is proud of its wonderful design team for coming up with new, beautiful designs frequently. The company believes in selling high-quality products and sources its high-quality fabrics and accessories from countries like China and Turkey.


Our Mission 

The mission of Al-Ghaidaa Fashion is to keep making high quality, beautiful, and comfortable lingerie and other types of ladies' undergarments. Towards this end, the company focuses upon select styles and designs and uses only the highest quality fabrics and accessories. Our first and only priority are our customers. We want to become a company known for its consistently high-quality products and excellent customer service.


Our Vision

The vision of Al-Ghaidaa Fashion is to become the most recognizable brand of lingerie in all the markets where it has a presence. We want to expand in the local market while at the same time expanding our exports to the international market.


Manufacturer Productivity

Al-Ghaidaa Fashion has always honored its commitments. It wishes to reassure buyers that the company is capable of providing high-quality products in the desired quantities both in the local as well as international market. Putting your passion along with leadership to give birth to brilliant ideas is the heart of our success to process the most viable shopping experience for our customer.

With the latest, state of the art machinery and a dedicated workforce, Al-Ghaidaa can supply all orders in time and in high quality. Al-Ghaidaa is a professional company dedicated to manufacture of ladies' undergarments of the highest quality to give consumers products that provide total comfort and a feeling of proud womanhood.


Wholesale Contact:

Mobile Number: +962796881187

Email: sales@zoritalingerie.com